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Guardian Band
Feb 25

Ashton Sanders: “I want to do films that … inspire people to stand up for what’s right in our country,” 21-year-old actor says



MOSI REEVES / Rolling Stone



“It’s a revolutionary time for black art and black cinema,” says Ashton Sanders, one of the breakout stars from Moonlight, the 2016 film that won (after a historic mixup) the Best Picture Oscar at the Academy Awards. The 21-year old-actor deserves credit for creating one of this decade’s most indelible movie moments: As the high school-aged Chiron in Moonlight, he shared a kiss with his crush, Kevin (Jharrel Jerome), giving rapturous release to a lifetime of repressed longing and desire.

But Sanders, he reminds us, is not the same person as Chiron. “That’s acting,” he tells Rolling Stone, his smile practically audible over the telephone line. Chiron may have embodied teenage awkwardness, but the real-life Sanders is effusively gregarious, with an appealing deep-seated voice and an easy chuckle.


An extended conversation with the Southern California native reveals that he’s heavily involved in the mechanics of his craft. He spends a lot of time doing what he calls “bookwork,” or analyzing his scripts, as well as research on the era in which his characters live. “I try to get a full understanding of my character – what their life is, how they feel on the day-to-day,” he says. He’ll send images and songs to his phone that he can look at to get himself in the right mood. Since every character is different, he adds, “It’s a different process every time, not one and the same.” He admires the work ethic and passion that Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle, Sidney Poitier and his Moonlight co-star Mahershala Ali bring to their performances.

Sanders recently completed work on Captive State, a sci-fi thriller scheduled for next summer. Executive-produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), it finds him battling an extraterrestrial occupying force in Chicago alongside an ensemble that includes veterans John Goodman and Vera Farmiga plus relative newcomers like Madeline Brewer (Orange is the New Black) and rapper/actor Machine Gun Kelly (Beyond the Lights). Captive State, says Sanders, “is a metaphor and a reflection on the Trump administration right now.” When asked to elaborate, Sanders politely declines, saying simply, “I want to use my art and do films that reflect what’s going on, and that influence change and inspire people to stand up for what’s right in our country.”


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  • Guardian Band
    Feb 25

    Brooke Hatala is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Raleigh North Carolina. She uses her talent to help others and support organizations that give back to the community. She volunteers her time and talent for many charitable events which include a music therapy program and anti bullying campaigns for local middle schools. Brooke for the past 4 years has raised money performing for local fund raising events such as Megs Smile, victims of Hurricane Sandy and many City of Raleigh events that lead her to win the teen volunteer award for 2015. Brooke can be found performing at many festivals and community events such as Sparkcon and Carborro Music Festival, Lee County Fair, and Pullen Park’s Holiday Express. Brooke is inspired by her faith and her dream is to use her music to make positive changes and inspire others. Stay tuned as Brooke has some exciting announcements and new music coming soon, like these new songs she has co-written with some of the top writers in Nashville. *Brooke's unique raspy tone has been compared to Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, with a splash of Bonnie Raitt thrown in. Brooke opened up for Willie Nelson at the Booth Amphitheater in Cary, NC and was also recently a contestant on The Voice Season 12, earning a blind audition while also being one of the youngest contestants ever. Other notable performances include the National Anthem in Oklahoma City in June 2016 for the Women's College World Series Championship games for a crowd of over 13,000 and at a Duke Men's basketball game for over 9,000 in the famous Cameron indoor stadium. At the young age of 13 Brooke sang at the Rascal Flatt’s concert "meet and greet" in Raleigh at Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek and at 14 she performed on the VIP stage before the Keith Urban concert. Brooke was featured on WRAL TV as an "Artist to watch" along with WQDR 94.7 featuring Brooke in the Homegrown Carolina series and playing her songs on the radio. Brooke was featured at an Artist Showcase in Nashville in 2016 which has lead Brooke to working, writing, and recording with Producer Billy Smiley at the famous Dark Horse Recording Studio and The Grip Studio where many legendary artists have recorded. Signing a new management deal with Red Light Management in Nashville has brought Brooke's passion for songwriting and performing to a new level.
  • Guardian Band
    Feb 25

    Singer and songwriter Halsey bravely took to the podium at the Women’s March in NYC and poured her heart out in a beautifully articulated and emotive poem about sexual abuse and assault, health care, pregnancy, forced underage marriages and support for young people. Revealing  her own private and personal experiences was clearly painful for the pop star, but she did so with an abundance of poise and grace. "A Story Like Mine" by Halsey It's 2009 and I'm 14 and I'm crying Not really sure where I am but I'm holding the hand of my best friend Sam In the waiting room of a Planned Parenthood The air is sterile and clean, and the walls are that not grey, but green And the lights are so bright they could burn a whole through the seam of my jeans My phone is buzzing in the pocket My mom is asking me if I remembered my keys 'cause she's closing the door and she needs to lock it But I can't tell my mom where I've gone I can't tell anyone at all You see, my best friend Sam was raped by a man that we knew 'cause he worked in the after-school program And he held her down with her textbook beside her And he covered her mouth and he came inside her So now I'm with Sam, at the place with a plan, waiting for the results of a medical exam And she's praying she doesn't need an abortion, she couldn't afford it And her parents would, like, totally kill her It's 2002 and my family just moved and the only people I know are my mom's friends, too, and her son He's got a case of Matchbox cars and he says that he'll teach me to play the guitar if I just keep quiet And the stairwell beside apartment 1245 will haunt me in my sleep for as long as I am alive And I'm too young to know why it aches in my thighs, but I must lie, I must lie It's 2012 and I'm dating a guy and I sleep in his bed and I just learned how to drive And he's older than me and he drinks whiskey neat and he's paying for everything This adult thing is not cheap We've been fighting a lot, almost 10 times a week And he wants to have sex, and I just want to sleep He says I can't say no to him This much I owe to him He buys my dinner, so I have to blow him He's taken to forcing me down on my knees And I'm confused 'cause he's hurting me while he says please And he's only a man, and these things he just needs He's my boyfriend, so why am I filled with unease? It's 2017 and I live like a queen And I've followed damn near every one of my dreams I'm invincible and I'm so fucking naive I believe I'm protected 'cause I live on a screen Nobody would dare act that way around me I've earned my protection, eternally clean Until a man that I trust gets his hands in my pants But I don't want none of that, I just wanted to dance And I wake up the next morning like I'm in a trance and there's blood Is that my blood? Hold on a minute You see I've worked every day since I was 18 I've toured everywhere from Japan to Mar-a-Lago I even went on stage that night in Chicago when I was having a miscarriage I mean, I pied the piper, I put on a diaper And sang out my spleen to a room full of teens What do you mean this happened to me? You can't put your hands on me You don't know what my body has been through I'm supposed to be safe now I earned it It's 2018 and I've realized nobody is safe long as she is alive And every friend that I know has a story like mine And the world tells me we should take it as a compliment But then heroes like Ashley and Simone and Gabby, McKayla and Gaga, Rosario, Aly Remind me this is the beginning, it is not the finale And that's why we're here And that's why we rally It's Olympians and a medical resident and not one fucking word from the man who is President It's about closed doors and secrets and legs and stilletos from the Hollywood hills to the projects in ghettos When babies are ripped from the arms of teen mothers and child brides cry globally under the covers Who don't have a voice on the magazine covers They tell us take cover But we are not free until all of us are free So love your neighbor, please treat her kindly Ask her story and then shut up and listen Black, Asian, poor, wealthy, trans, cis, Muslim, Christian  Listen, listen and then yell at the top of your lungs Be a voice for all those who have prisoner tongues For the people who had to grow up way too young There is work to be done There are songs to be sung Lord knows there's a war to be won
  • Guardian Band
    Feb 25

    Alicia Keys’ strong message of love, hope and freedom inspires us. Keys is the co-founder of Keep a Child Alive. Her global activism involves fighting against HIV/AIDS for over 12 years. In 2014 Alicia co founded the We Are Here Movement to educate her audience about the many issues that prevent equality and justice across our world. She has partnered with corporations such as Dove, Reebok, Blackberry and American Express and is currently participating in Levi’s new women’s collection campaign that celebrates women of all shapes. “We are all connected in this internet/global village era, so it is crucial to love and respect everyone”. *Besides advocating, singing and writing, her “other” work includes acting on Broadway (Stick Fly) and films (The Secret Life of Bees, The Nanny Diaries, & Smokin’ Aces). She is a Director and Producer, (Lifetime’s Five), and a New York Times best-selling author.